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March 7, 2008 at 11:37 pm (Uncategorized)

As of a couple hours ago (as in before I went to bed and woke up) I just finished fixing my computer back up for the first time [on this computer ._.] After about a year of operation Winblows finally gave up and died, bricking the computer. Oddly, the backup didn’t seem to work either so I ended up having to put some Linux on the comp. After that didn’t work, I just gave up and put Windows back on the thing and manually reinstalled the patches and drivers.

Interestingly, I have no real idea why the system failed to start up. It’s possible that when I deleted a couple registry keys (spooky things) to try and get Grim Fandango to install I may have stomped on its toes and made it die. This would make sense if the backup would’ve fixed the problem, but it didn’t, so I’m guessing it was just time to reinstall. Needed to do that anyway, gave me a chance to clear out the extraneous apps that I wasn’t using anymore. Oh, and as a first since the dawn of the computing era I managed to get the entire AVG Security Suite installed this time. I’ve always been a bit of a fan of AVG’s anti-virus since it does everything it’s supposed to without coughing up on the wrong files and without causing your entire computer to slow down.

My last install had Symantec on it, but it had broken at some point and wanted me to reinstall parts of it whenever I turned the computer on. Right clicking became something you don’t if you can avoid it (right click, OH NOES CANCEL CANCEL). Luckily none of that is here anymore and it seems to be running better than it used to. Hooray.

On another note, Grim Fandango has an alternate installer that you can use on a modern computer, so the registry key poking wasn’t really needed at all.

P.S. Whoever at M$ thought it’d be a good idea to spearhead the web activation era, please report to the stabbing room. You obviously didn’t stop to think some people have to reinstall more than once in their lifetime.


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