Skrylar does SEO work now?

October 21, 2007 at 2:19 am (SEO, Thoughts)

I’ve expunged all of the old posts from this blog since there wasn’t anything really useful and anything that I had mentioned is pretty old now. Some things like my brief stent with putting funny pictures on dwarves never really took off so it doesn’t really need to be kept. At times it was even called a “livejournal” because of the amount of “emo” some people interpreted from it. And now for something completely different:

I’ve been getting increasingly tired of not having any real income (primary or supplemental) and I’ve found myself with quite a lot of free time now. I was linked to the Thirty Day Challenge a while back and tried some of the early pieces until I hit a bit of a brick wall (One of the “vital” components wasn’t available, because Facebook suffers from suckery). I’m back prodding around with the videos and am maybe 20% finished with it. I have to say, it’s a really great course for internet marketing. Early on Ed Dale teaches numerous utilities that are extremely useful that I don’t think many people know about or know what to really do with it. I’ve also been doing a bit of research from other sites and newsletters and it looks like something useful to experiment with.

Basically my impressions of “white hat” SEO are that a good contractor or SEO expert is one that is almost completely invisible after the fact. A bad SEO person, or someone who doesn’t really understand how it works will end up taking a perfectly good and helpful web site or article and making it look like stock marketing garbage you see on TV that doesn’t actually help you at all. Instead, it’s mainly about taking a working site with good content and finding ways to optimize the article for Google and various search engines. Essentially, taking a good article that’s helpful but not easily found and sensibly whacking it with a thesaurus so it’s still helpful but contains “keywords” to make it more easily found by people who want to know about it but don’t want to dig in.


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